• Rockfon acoustical ceilings
  • Chicago Metallic suspension systems
  • Chicago Metallic Interfinish specialty metal ceilings

Certainteed Ceilings

National Gypsum

  • Gypsum based vinyrock ceilings

Fry Reglet

  • Architectural metals

Pinta Acoustics

  • Acoustical ceiling and wall products
  • CONTOUR Ceiling and wall tiles
  • HARMONI Ceiling tiles
  • WHITELINE ceiling tiles
  • SQUARELINE Metal ceiling tiles
  • WHISPERWAVE Panels, Baffles, Ceiling clouds and awnings
  • SONEX Panels and baffles
  • SONEX Clean baffles, panels and ceiling tiles
  • PROSPEC Barrier, foam and composite materials
  • Wiltec Foam
  • Sonex AFS system
  • Custom Products

Armstrong Acoustical Ceilings

  •     Acoustical ceilings
  •     Wall panels


  • Wall panels

Metal Ceiling Systems

Luminous Ceilings

  • Cracked Ice
  • Prizmatic
  • Daylight
  • Eggcrate

Wall Products

Marlite Master Distributors

  • Frp (fiberglass reinforced plastic) wall panels
  • Symettrix wall panels
  • Artizan wall panels
  • Envue wall panels
  • Planks
  • A3 ceramic steel panels
  • Blue sky 9custom wall panels)
  • Marlite Adhesives

Insulation Products

Johns Manville Insulation

  • Fiberglass batts  and rolls
  • Climate pro blowing wool
  • Corbond Spray Foam
  • AP & Ci polyiso foam board

Roxul Insulation Products

  • Rockwool SAFB & Safing batts

Radiant Barrier Insulation


  • AA-2 masonry wall insulation
  • Vr Plus Shield insulation

International Insulation

  • Solar wall reflective barrier insulation     

Rigid Foam Insulation

R Max

  • Thermasheath rigid insulation
  • TSX rigid insulation


  • Expanded polystyrene blue board insulation
  • Tuff-R & Thermax extruded polyisocyanurate insulation


    Armstrong commercial & residential flooring products

    Burke/Mercer cove base products

    Johnsonite products


Franklin Adhesives

  • FRP adhesives
  • Acoustical tile cement
  • Sound sealant
  • Flooring adhesives